Mom's Baking Co Crates

Introducing Mom's Baking Co Crates in support of the Alzheimer's Society.  A little back story...I'm German and my Mom use to bake every Saturday and Sunday cakes for our afternoon kaffe.  In the earlier days when I was very young, there use to be tortes among all those amazing cakes.  Everyone always asked for my Mom's cakes at whatever function we would go to.  Christmas time we had, done from scratch cookies, and I mean from scratch.

Mom now has Alzheimers and to a somewhat advanced stage.  Some good days and some bad days.  My Dad has become her caregiver.  Mom remembers things from the past but not much from the present.  Dad pretty much has to do absolutely everything, that most of us take for granted each day, basic daily functions.

These crates are $26, taxes included, and from the sale of each crate, we will donate $5 to the Alzheimer's Society.  Every little bit helps and we would like to bring more awareness to this awful disease.

Thank you!